Daily Cypher Founder & CEO Deshawn Jackson Interview

A Dose of Daily Cypher

University of Memphis journalism student, Ray Johnson had a chance to sit down with the founder & CEO of DailyCypher.com, Deshawn Jackson to discuss, among other things, his inspiration to start the website.

The “Daily Cypher” website has become a prominent tool for giving out the latest news in the hip-hop community for the past year. The website began when founder Deshawn Jackson decided that he wanted to not only be a fan of hip-hop, but be a part of the community as well.

He started off with just a regular blog and through years of hard work and constant communication with the hip-hop audience, his website became a primary source for a daily dose of hip-hip news.

Deshawn Jackson, raised in Brooklyn, New York, has been a fan of hip-hop ever since he can remember. Growing up in Brooklyn in the early 90’s, the Golden Age as he calls it, the hip-hop genre grabbed his attention and from then on, he has been a die hard fan.

With the use of Twitter and Facebook constantly rising, Jackson uses these tools to not only break news within the hip-hop community, but to promote the website as well. He said  he uses Twitter and Facebook because there are millions of people on those social networks that he has access to.

“I would never get to reach out to a million people in person because of the distance. Twitter and Facebook allows me to interact with my demographic,” said Jackson.

Unlike newspapers, websites can update news every minute. Jackson said the Internet influences how news gets to people by providing another outlet. He also said that you can release an article in seconds, as opposed to a newspaper or magazine where you have to wait a day or more.

The “Daily Cypher” website is taking the Internet by storm. If an individual want to know about the  trends and styles, latest music, or even the latest news,“Daily Cypher” has all of those components.

“Internet will continue to be a great tool to use if you want to give out information at a constant pace,” said Jackson.

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