Lil Wayne Focused On New Album

Wayne is scheduled to be released from Rikers Island on Thursday (November 4), and according to Cash Money CEO Brian “Birdman” Williams, Wayne is more focused than ever. Williams told Rolling Stone, “He hasn’t written out rhymes since the Hot Boys. There’s a different swagger coming from Wayne, different things to talk about.” Weezy’s manager Cortez Bryant alluded to his new attitude as well, saying Wayne has “finally been able to put things in perspective.”

Armed with new material, which Bryant says will focus on his incarceration and success, Wayne is solely focused on recording The Carter IV, which is expected to be released in early 2011. 

It would seem that Wayne’s music would take a hit while the rapper is in jail, but his incarceration seems to have had a positive impact on his album sales. With I Am Not A Human Being at the top of the charts, Wayne became the only rapper since Tupac to have a number one album while in jail.

Birdman said Wayne will be heading straight to the studio upon his release from Rikers before heading to Miami for a party.

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