Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Review

By Matthew Kay

“Dark Fantasy” – Can we get much higher?  Yes, with autotune we can do that! “King of Leona Lewis” – excellent. “Too many Urkels on ya team that’s why ya Winslow.” This “Oh” section is way out of place. Good verse, but that was barely a song.

“Gorgeous” – I think Kanye has been hanging out with the Strokes circa 2001. Not into this Cudi chorus.  Is his appeal that he’s a bad singer or a bad rapper?  Somebody fill me in.”Choke a South Park writer with a fish stick.” “What’s a black Beatle anyway?  A fuckin roach.” Another couple good verses & a stupid chorus. Raekwon likes Bally’s? Hmm.  Mediocre Rae verse.  SORRY.  Also, that electric guitar is awful.

“POWER” – Heard this one a thousand times already.  Real catchy. This beat is pretty undeniable.  Nice one, Ye.  Still not sure what’s up with the electric guitar though, wholly unnecessary.  This is like the new “Diamonds” or “Jesus Walks.”  Really weak ending on this one though.  The whole last minute should be lopped off.

“Interlude” – Weird random interlude.  I can already tell why Pitchfork loved this album – so much pretense.

“All Of The Lights” – Great, Rihanna.  Knew that was coming.  Another stupid chorus.  Like the Yeezy singing stuff.  I think we’re supposed to turn up the lights in here.  All of the lights.  This is gonna be on the radio a lot isn’t it?  That one drum sample sounds awesome.  Is that Gwen Stefani? Crazy.  B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  On further inspection that is actually Fergie. Whatever. Man there was like 30 people on that
song & it still wasn’t good.

“Monster” – This was a GOOD Friday track.  Kanye always rhymes 4 lines at a time. This beat is nice, but what is he so mad about?  Awful Jay-Z verse so far…Did Hov just say he rapes children?  PRETTY WEIRD
BRO.  This song is way too Monster Mash themed.  Nicki Minaj just spit 4 lines in a row that didn’t rhyme. And doesn’t she have another song where she’s rapping about Chuckie?  Is this Bon Iver?  This song is an

“So Appalled” – Wait do I put up one hand, two or my middle finger? MIXED MESSAGES SWIZZ. Another GOOD Friday track.  Meh. “Different exotic fishes”?  You’re right, Prynce this is fucking ridiculous. Hov kills it.  “Not only am I fly I’m fuckin not playin!” This beat is really boring.  Who is Ralph David?  Why do they wait til the end to bring in RZA?  Really poor RZA usage.  Skippin that one next time.

“Devil in a New Dress” – Nice soul beat.  Dana Carvey/Church Lady voice? Hmm.  “Don’t leave while ya hot that’s how Ma$e screwed up…maybe I should call Ma$e so he can pray for us”  Haha Ma$e diss.  Kanye raps WAY too much about fashion.  This song is good but I’m worried that Rick Ross is about to come in…yep, there he is.  Definitely should’ve used someone else on this beat, this verse is really bad. The guitar is used better in this song, but the 80s-ness of it is still bothering me.

“Runaway” – Everyone knows this one by now.  Between the live performance on SNL & the “film,” this one is pretty big.  Good beat, I dig this one.  Thank you Kanye for singing without autotune.  Or is he using it?  I can’t even tell.  What is that sample saying?  Solid Pusha T verse.  Uh, he needs to cut the last three minutes of this song.  Totally extraneous & bad.

“Hell of a Life” – This bass patch sounds like farting.  Back to the autotune, this song sucks already.  Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.  Honestly Pitchfork?  10.0?  This is a perfect album?  You guys are fucking high.  & not on the good shit either.  So much filler & bad guitar.  What was that weird breathing?  WTF?

“Blame Game” – This album is way too orchestral & boring.  Weak Ye verse.  WHY ARE THESE SONGS SO LONG?  Better 2nd verse.  I like this weird stereo part.  I’m really expecting a cheezy guitar to come in at this point…Chris Rock?  This song is so weird.  It’s supposed to be dramatic and funny at the same time?  This Chris Rock shit would be funny as a skit but why is it over the piano?  Makes it unfunny automatically.  Dammit I really feel like a hater right now but this song is so boring.

“Lost In The World” – I realize Kanye did a performance at your office &everything but 10.0? Seriously?  Did you listen to this shit? I’m so sick of all the fucking piano.  These tracks are way too busy.

“Who Will Survive In America” – So it turns out Kanye West is black.  Hmm.

“See Me Now (Bonus Track)” – Really good Ye verses. Gangster Beyonce is pretty funny.  Not as good as “Late” or “Gone” from his second record, but a strong track.

I was really looking forward to this album, & in the end am pretty disappointed overall.  Way too many random guest appearances, some weak songwriting, and some lazy beats, especially on side B. Way too much corny guitar, too many bad choruses, & long pointless instrumental sections.  Definitely makes me yearn for Jon Brion & underlines his importance on “Late Registration.”  Some really good rhymes from Mr. West plus a few solid guest spots.  Highlights include: POWER, Devil in a New Dress, Runaway & See Me Now.

G.O.O.D Friday tracks that should have made the album: Looking For Trouble, The Joy, Good Friday. Shame, shame, shame.

Album Rating: 3/10

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