Artwork and Tracklist For Redman’s New Album

Artwork and tracklist for Redman’s new album Reggie, which hits stores on December 7.
Redman also told that he has several projects currently in the works, including Blackout 3 with Method Man, Muddy Waters Part 2, and a sequel to 2001’s How High. How High 2 is being held up because Universal owns the rights to the title and characters, so Red says that if him and Meth make another movie, “we might can’t call it How High.”

1. Reggie (Intro)

2. That’s Where I B ft. DJ Kool

3. Def Jammable

4. Full Nelson ft. Ready Roc, Runt Dawg & Saukrates

5. Lift It Up

6. All I Do ft. Faith Evans

7. Lemme Get 2 ft. Saukrates

8. Mic, Lights,
Camera, Action

9. Cheerz ft. Ready Roc & Melanie Rutherford

10. Rockin’ Wit Da Best ft. Kool Moe Dee

11. Lite 1 Witcha Boi ft. Method Man & Bun B

12. Whn The Lites Go Off ft. Poo BearStyle Crane

13. Tiger
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