A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg & Ali Shaheed Cancel Tour

According to InTheMix.com, Phife Dawg and producer Ali Shaheem canceled their world tour scheduled to start November. The tour was canceled due to a booking agent being accused of fraud.

The booking agent in the question misrepresented the artists and pocketed an undisclosed amount of money. The local Australian touring company Peace Music released a statement regarding the matter.

“It has very recently come to light the agent for the tour has grossly misrepresented the artists involved, and misappropriated payments made to him on behalf of the artists,” the statement details.

“Despite meeting with management in Australia in August, the fact that the tour dates were little more than an elaborate scam did not come to light until very recently. On further investigation Peace discovered that the ‘agent’ in question, one James Richardson of Abstrakt Visions Entertainment, had defrauded three different European promoters in connection with misrepresenting Phife earlier in the year, and that he appeared to be little more than a career con man.”

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