Legendary Performances at Rock The Bells 2010 Governors Island

This past weekend, one of hip hop’s premiere festivals, Rock The Bells, made a stop in NYC. This years Rock The Bells festival went according to plan without facing any major issues. All the headliners put on a great show.

The day started out with a ferry trip to Governors Island. The ferry was full of young fans reppin’ their favorite artists with T-shirts ranging from Wu-Tang to Yelawolf. The whole travel experience felt like taking a trip back in time to yesteryear, when music festivals commonplace yet celebrated event. As we got closer to the Governors Island, you could hear the music getting louder and louder until we finally reached our destination.

Governors Island was set up perfectly for the occasion. A sprawling fairground was decorated with concession stands, picnic tables, and shaded tents perfect for escaping the August heat. On the far end of the fairground, there was the main stage where all the headliners performed there famous classic albums. There was also a smaller stage on the opposite side of the island where lesser known artist and up and coming artist performed. There was also a third stage where the B-Boy Freestyle session was going down.

Many celebrities made it out to the event like Chris Rock, John Legend, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys to name a few.

A Tribe Called Quest put on a memorable performance, covering Midnight Marauder in its entirety and also performing hits like “Buggin’ Out” and “Scenario.”  Busta Rhymes completed the song when he made a guest appearance on “Scenario.”

Boy Jones (ODB’s first son) did a great job embodying his dads swag and flow while reciting his father’s lines. Boy Jones performed ODB’s hit song Brooklyn Zoo to perfection.

A personal favorite of The Daily Cypher crew was Wiz Khalifa. He worked the crowd flawlessly, sharing personal anecdotes, taking a smoke break with the audience and performing classic songs and a bunch of songs off his recent mixtape Kush & OJ.

This year’s Rock The Bells will go down in history as one of the best festivals ever as well as a milestone in hip hop history. The hoards of fans ranged in demographics, races, and ages but were brought together for the righteous cause of supporting good music. Next year’s festival promises even greater performances and a larger turnout; though its hard to believe that’s possible. As for us at the Daily Cypher, the countdown to Rock The Bells 2011 has already begun.

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