Sampled Saturdays – Dipset Special

By Greg Kay

With their anticipated reunion on its way it’s only right to honor Dipset this week with another Sample Saturday special, Byrd Gang edition. The crew has been broken up since the Cam’ron and Jim Jones beef, but have now reconciled. This week’s Sampled Saturdays include three Dipsets tracks, all off of their 2003 studio album, Diplomatic Immunity. Most of you are probably familiar with all of these tracks but might not know what songs they were sampled from.

Major Harris -“I Got Over Love”

The first song up is “I Really Mean It”. The Diplomats sampled Major Harris’ “I Got Over Love” for this hit. Even the applause from Major Harris’ live version made it on the sample. Major Harris III was an American R&B singer associated with the Philadelphia soul sound. Harris was a member of multiple groups in his career including The Charmers, The Teenagers, The Jarmels, and Nat Turner’s Rebellion which included his brother Joseph B. Jefferson. In the early 1970s he joined The Delfonics taking over for Randy Cain, although it was short lived when he quit the group in 1974 to start his solo career with Atlantic Records.  After not continuing to see much success as a solo artist, Harris returned to the Delfonics, and began touring with one of two ensembles that used the name in the 1990s and 2000s. Harris saw his peek of popularity in 1976 with 4 singles, “I Got Over Love”, “It’s Got to Be Magic”, “Jealousy” and “Laid Back Love.”
Major Harris – I Got Over Love
Sampled in Diplomats I Really Mean It

Barbara Mason – “Yes, I’m Ready”

Barbara Mason is an American R&B and soul singer who is best known for her 1965 hit song, “Yes, I’m Ready” which is featured in this week’s Sampled Saturday. The Diplomats used this song as the sample for their hit, “I’m Ready”. Mason was originally a songwriter when she began her career but had a few hit singles throughout the 60’s. In the mid 1970s Mason changed her image and began singing about more sexual topics in songs like “Bed and Board,” “From His Woman to You,” and “Shackin’ Up” which was very uncommon for a female soul singer during this time. Curtis Mayfield produced Mason on a cover of his “Give Me Your Love,” which brought her back into the pop Top 40 and R&B Top Ten in 1973. After she left Buddah Records in 1975, Mason only saw the charts sporadically, with “I Am Your Woman, She Is Your Wife” in 1978 , and “Another Man” in 1984,
Barbara Mason – Yes, I’m Ready
Sampled in Diplomats – I’m Ready

The O’Jays – “Who Am I”
The O’Jays “Who Am I” was sampled by The Byrd Gang for their track “Who I Am”. The O’Jay’s, Originally known as The Triumphs, and then The Mascots were an R&B group from Canton, Ohio that originally included members, Walter Williams, Bill Isles, Bobby Massey, William Powell and Eddie Levert.  After their first hit “Lonely Drifter” in 1963, they considered quitting the music business until the production team Gamble & Huff took interest in the group and launched them into the forefront of the Philadelphia Soul scene. They had a plethora of top 20 singles as well as top 20 albums throughout the 70s. They received gold disks for their singles “Back Stabbers,” “Love Train,” “For the Love of Money,” and “I Love Music” as well as for the albums Ship Ahoy, and Family Reunion. They were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2004, as well as The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. On June 28, 2009, the O’Jays were honored with BET’s 2009 Life Time Achievement Award.

The O’Jays – Who Am I
Sampled in Diplomats – Who I Am
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