Sampled Saturdays – Al Green I’m Glad Your Mine

Is sampling an art form or merely theft of another persons work?  This is a question that has been debated over since sampling became popular in the late 80s and early 90s. 

Sampling is when a DJ or producer takes a snippet of an original track and build their own song around it. DJ’s insist sampling takes a lot of skill and a creative mind to put it all together and make it sound as one, while others believe it is just a lazy way to take another persons work of art and package it as their own.

No matter what side of the spectrum your on one thing remains to be true, most people wouldn’t know the original songs if it weren’t for their music being sampled. Clyde Stubblefield is considered the original funk drummer but without the sampling of his music, a lot of people would not know who Clyde Stubblefield is.

“I’m Glad Your Mine” by Al Green
From the album I’m Still in Love with You (1972)
Sampled in Notorious B.I.G. “Dead Wrong”

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